2018 Presentations



#AISDFuture – Building it Together – download >


A Discussion of Planning Techniques and Tips- Making It Fun and Purposeful – download >


Environmental STEM in an Urban Context – download >


Growth Mindset Incubator: A Case Study – download >


How Buildings Teach Kindness; inspiring social emotional learning in an Illinois School District that chooses kindness as their mission – download >


Material Transparency and Healthier Choices: Building Local Advocacy with Global Impact – download >


All-Inclusive Restrooms: – download >


How Do We Get There From Here? Master Planning Best Practices for Existing Schools – download >


Thinking Inside the Box – The Case for Transformation – download >


Tapping into the Creative Potential of Teachers and Students as Designers – download >


Student Innovation Teams: Developing A Culture of Innovation To Drive 21st Century Change – download >


Resilience Strategies for Communities, Facilities, Learners – download >


Reimagining the Student Experience – download >


Real World, Hands-on and Integrated: Exploring facilities for STEAM and Career Technical Education – download >


Re-Imagining the Studio Art Classroom: From Tired to Inspired – download >


(RE) Constructing Community by (RE) Imagining School as an Opportunity Center – download >


Reimagining Spaces for Tomorrow’s Thinkers – download >


Monarch School “Launch Pointe” – hands-on education for homeless teens – download >


A Quick(er) Transition – Research-Based Strategies for Making a Holistic Shift from Traditional to ‘Innovative’ Facilities – download >


Managing Risk Through Design-Build Procurement and Delivery – download >


How Design Thinking, Project Based Learning and Innovation focused STEM Curriculum initiatives are informing our contemporary learning environments – download >


Greening of Schoolyards – Expanding Learning Opportunities Across the Campus – download >


Unconference for Organizational Resilience – download >


Inclusive Environments for Teaching and Learning – download >


Why Play is Key to Resilience and Re(Imagined) Learning Environments – download >


“Strengthening Neighborhoods through their Schools: Lessons Learned from DC for Urban School Revitalization Programs” – download >




Using Neuroscience Research to Impact Environment Design to Support Student Learning


What is the future of student qualifications?


Telling our Stories; Places That Create a Sense of Belonging


Creating a Campus where Learning Happens Everywhere


Potty Talk: Redesigning the Toilet Experience to Promote Universal & Inclusive Design


Intertwining Environments, Experiences, and Culture to Empower Modern Learning


Hacking the classroom: Using prototyping to (re)imagine new learning environments


BrainSensing: Understanding the Brain’s Activity in the Immersive Learningscape


ACES OF SPACE // How innovative design transforms classrooms into safe NextGen learning spaces for students with elevated ACE scores


Transforming from the ground up with technology


Can Virtual Reality Revolutionize the process for Designing Schools


Re-imagining the Media Center: From Central Hub to Distributed Creation Labs


“A Giraffe Ate My Homework! Designing for Adventure Education in Omaha’s Zoo School”


A Day at the Museum: Creating engaging PK-12 learning environments through emulating children’s museum design


Making the rhetoric of learning spaces a realityDesignEverywhere


STOP The Threat – 21st Century Safe School Best Practices


Empowering Students with Special Needs through Flexible Learning Environments


Get Academic ROI on Your Facilities


Captured Space: Reimagining unused space as a Learning Environment


Architecture Lessons from Crow Island: A Modern Masterpiece of Design for Children


Elevating All Students: Planning and Design Strategies to Maximize Equity and Opportunity


Impactful Learning Transformations


Space Matters. And Research That Begins to Prove It: Piloting Student Engagement in Grades 9-12


UDL: How can the Science Behind Learning Inform More Effective Instruction & Space Design?


Making Room- customizing the classroom planning process


Learning Landscapes Increase Physical and Mental Wellbeing of Students


Shifting the Paradigm: Reimagining School Design for the Future


Harnessing History: Restoration though Modern Technology and Traditional Techniques

It’s Like Google for Kids”: How a Tech Icon’s Principles Inspire Learning


Innovative higher education learning spaces, can they curate ‘the employability skills gap’?


When Great Isn’t Good Enough: How Two Nationally Recognized High Schools Are Evolving to Keep Their Edge


Ace the Space: Designing Effective Learning Environments without thinking about furniture


“Ohio: A State-Sponsored School Building Transformation Story”


mâmawêyatitân centre: (re)defining shared


Capture the elephant in the room: Learn what best ball golf, project-based learning, and successful projects have in common…